14GSCS Anets Open Pot Gas Fryer – High Performance


Open pot design with large deep cold zone;Cooking capacity of approximately 40kg frozen fries per hour;20-22 litre oil capacity;80kg ship weight

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The high efficiency work horse for large volume frying. The 439 stainless steel frypot provides remarkable recovery in conjunction with the unique crossfire burners provide a 3 sided heating system for highly efficient and consistent frying results. To maintain direct heat transfer, the frypot is equipped with copper flashed heat exchangers, which also provides remarkable temperature recovery and improved gas efficiency. The easy to clean open frypot has sloped sides to prevent crumb accumulation. Food particles drop rapidly into the extra large cold zone which prolongs oil life and reduces carbon build-up. Extra wide access to this cold zone permits reaching in and wiping out even the hardest to reach corners.

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Dimensions 4007901160 mm