SLG100 Anets Large Pot Gas Tube Fryer


Cast iron burners with atmospheric pre-mix for more effective heating;Large frypot size – 460mm x 460mm;Four unique elliptical burner tubes with a broad surface area to achieve optimum efficiency with fewer tubes;40-44 litre oil capacity; 78kg ship weight

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The Anets SLG100 is perfect for large volume frying. Ideal for fish & chips shops. Anets provides the highest value in frying with the SLG100 gas fryer. Ideal for both batch cooking and large volumes load after load. The heating system has been engineered for maximum efficiency and cleanability. Rated at 158 megajoules for fast recovery and rapid oil heat up result in limited oil absorption and better tasting fried food. The Anets SLG100 is built to perform, easy to clean and priced to purchase today.

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Dimensions 5007901210 mm